Why Forex and Gambling are not the Same: Five Main Reasons

There are many people who consider trading in the forex market similar to gambling. This may be true for novices but when you consider people who use trading as a business, the story is completely different. Forex demands plenty of skills and knowledge and requires many years before you can start making a living through this. In addition, this kind of trading is not a game that is played just for enjoyment. Turnover Numbers The forex market trades average between two trillion and five trillion dollars on each trading day. Excepting a few other industries, such daily turnover numbers are… Continue reading

Green Fire Strategy


Green Fire Strategy is based on five indicators: Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed1lime MA in Color_wAppliedPrice time to next bar TrendLord and Woodie_CCI_Adv.1.0 There is also template included When you install all indicators and… Continue reading

5 Min Strategy Trade


This strategy is optimized for 5 minute trading style. Strategy include follow indicators and template: 1. Fiji Trend_alerts 2. smFisherTransform3 3. Solar Winds joy 4. Template – 5 min strategy… Continue reading