Top Ten Rules for Day Trading


Follow simple rules in order to become better trader:

1. If you cant’ easily detect daily, weekly and monthly support & resistance for pairs that you are trading usually then you shouldn’t open trade at all. Rather wait for other day and better opportunity.

2. Be sure to watch bigger time frames before you enter trade.

3. If you haven’t learned technical analysis basics, you shouldn’t use indicators at all. Because you will not understand straight and weakness of indicator, which lead you to bad decision and loss.

4. 99% of trading methods works, just learn TA basics.

5. Understanding of price action trading is going to make most strategies profitable.

6. You should follow main news related to your pairs.

7. Always make sure to setup stop loss and take profit levels.

8. Don’t switch to many strategies in short time and avoid to follow to many different opinion at forums.

9. Risk only 2% of your account per trade even if you are trading on demo.

10. Once when you discover something what is really works make it part of your strategy.