SupDem: Supply and Demand MT4 Indicator

This post is from 2011, but have posted today due to high demand.

SupDem: Supply and Demand MT4 Indicator

Supply and Demand zones represent price areas where the currency pair stopped its advance or decline in the past. These reversal points are important because these zones can affect the currency pair again in the future. If you understand where the pair is struggling, you can adjust your trading plan accordingly.

Supply And Demand Indicator shows the potential supply and demand areas.

How To Trade With Supply And Demand Indicator:

Buy Signal: When the pair touches demand zone (blue marked zone)

Sell Signal:
When the pair touches supply zone (maroon marked zone)


Download SupDem: Supply and Demand MT4 Indicator


  1. Dave says

    Right now I don’t, I will try to find MT5 indicator ver. I will let you know as soon I found it.

    Best regards

  2. Dave says

    King you are welcome, I use SupDem: Supply and Demand in one of my strategies too.
    Best regards

    • Violet says

      Hi franches, you drop this indicator in the INDICATORS folder that is found inside the ‘experts’ folder. After you drop it, close that Indicator’s folder and the experts’ folder. Then, from the Navigators window (screen that shows all your experts, indicators, custom indicators) delete an indicator you do not want from the Custom Indicators. After deleting something from there, you will see your newly added indicator. If this is unclear, best is to reboot your MT4 to update your Custom Indicators folder.

  3. ANDRE THOMAS says

    Hi i put de indicator in my Metatrader and looks very good,but a few questions in first example Euro/Usd we have Supple 1.49673 and 14824 Demand 141326 and 135210, the range for the rate becomes smaller and smaller what you do when the rate go over all the Supple levels a break out. Normal you take a short when the rate the Supple zone touch. And you use the level just one time in the start from the Supple zone ore more times when touch again.

  4. SAM says

    I like to know the comments about % success who ever used this indicator. Tell me your skype also.

  5. SAM says

    Hello Andre Thomas

    I wonder if you could help me out in putting this indicator on my MT-4.I did not find it rather.



  6. Danilo Telic Jr says

    hi dave, hope your fine, just wanna ask if you have mql version for this indicators, my mt4 platform update and it uses only mql indicators.

    thank you
    danilo telic

  7. Olutayo Popoola says

    This is a very good support resistance indicator. It is marvellous. Thank God for this wisdom.
    God bless you and increase your understanding more. My regards to you and your loved ones.

  8. Malik Al Asmi says

    I downloaded the indicator on my MT4 but it is not showing on my charts, can you pls advice?

  9. Charles Sanya says

    Need help with the file I downloaded. was in html document format. is there any way I can get an exe file in mql version for windows 8 meta 4 trader platform