New on FMTI: Forex Trading Tips, Forex Brokers and eBooks

I have received plenty of inquiries related to different strategies and trading methods lately. In order to help you learn different Forex trading methods, we decided to launch new category at the website. This particular category will contain the Forex articles which are Forex trading tips based articles. We also added an extra category related to eBooks where you can download the most popular Forex eBooks for free.

Forex Trading Tips – Our site contains the major categories directly related to download of indicators, strategies and their guides. We haven’t had certain category to publish the different Forex topics like: technical analysis, Forex tips, fundamental analysis, brokers’ trading advices, trading psychology, emotions, trading styles etc. From now on, you can find all of these topics and more in our articles category.

We just add first article: Forex Technical Analysis

Forex eBooks – is simply a base of the most important and popular Forex ebooks that you can download for free. We have currently added couple of ebooks but soon enough you will have a chance to download large number of interesting and useful books in following areas:


UPCOMING: Forex Brokers – And that’s not all, by the start of the next month we plan to launch the database of Forex brokers. As all of you know how are favorite platform is metatrader, we decided to gather all the brokers that support Metatrader platform at one place.

You will be able to research this database by using the most important criterias like: min account size, country, spread etc. Each broker will be assigned its very own page where you can read all the important details about this broker and write a review if you would like to!

Further Development

We plan to improve our indicators’ and strategies’ quality in order to provide you with smooth and comfortable experience of learning Forex trading methods.