New Design and Features

Hello Traders,

REGISTRATION PROCESS: When you register for the first time, you need to confirm your email – first step, the second is finish registration process, if you get error message don’t worry you are register, you can go and download all indicators etc. BTW we will resolve this “problem” very soon.

IMPORTANT: We have difficulties to setting up membership software, now you can register to get membership access (free for life). Since this software is new stuff for us please let us know if you face with any kind of problem during registration process (contact us). You can leave you question in comment below too. Thanks

Update 6: (02.27.2003) Content is updated! We are ready to continue with fresh new content.

Update 5: (02.27.2003) Updating content… we are going to add better indicators description to 70+ indicators on site!

Update 4: (02.26.2003) All indicators and strategies are ready for download!

Update 3:
(02.25.2003) Forex eBook category created!

Update 2: (02.25.2003) We add 120 indicators for download, remain 80 indicators.

Update 1 : (02.25.2003) – All register members will be able to download indicators directly from website, this option will be available during a day.

Update: (02.24.2003)We set up new software (membership) for downloading indicators from site. All register member can download all indicators, it’s free membership for life, all you need to do is register here to get full access.

Each new indicator or strategy added in future will be much better then usually, charts will be bigger with better explanation on images, description (indicators manual) is going to be in detail etc.

DOWNLOAD – We decide to improve our service so you can easily access to download area on website to download indicators from each post. This feature is still not available, but we are working hard to make it happen.

NEW DESIGN – Old website structure was confusing for navigate, our new design allow you to explore website easily.

MORE CATEGORIES – There is also new category (Forex strategies), which we tend to update regularly. More categories in future!

After we done tasks above new features coming soon!

Best regards!