MetaTrader Does Not Recognize New Indicators?

MetaTrader Does Not Recognize New Indicator

When you install new indicator in your MetaTrader station (Place your new indicator into the MetaTrader “/Experts/Indicators” folder), if MetaTrader does not recognize new indicator you are probably add indicator while your MT station was open.

How to install new indicator properly?

Solution 1: Add new indicator before you turn on MetaTrader station, when you open MT station your indicator will be ready for usage (in “Navigator”).

Solution 2: If you add new indicator while your MT station was open, just restart (close and open) MetaTrader station and you will get indicator in “Navigator”.

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  1. Cricket says

    If above solutions doesn’t work, try to install MT4 in different folder, ie:

    instead of C:\Program Files\MT4



    This is for Windows 7.

  2. George Hastings says

    I have installed and try to use 2 USDx indicators, both of which I think derive their data from market watch. I am getting an alert which says the currency pairs need to be added to market watch, but they are infact already their. Any suggestions?