Make money with forex robots – a free ebook

make money with forex robotsI recently came across a free resource while looking for guest posters on this blog. The author is a prolific writer on many forex authority sites and has written this free ebook all about starting out using robots.

This website normally deals with only forex indicators, but I have had requests from subscribers to add some more novice content to help those starting out in forex trading.

This ebook is a quick read, and not very long, it will give you quick guide for forex robots, and how you may make money with forex robots. Disclaimer, forex puts your money at risk, while the title of this ebook is “Make money with forex robots”, it does not guarantee that you will make money. Please be aware, that you need to test any robot first, it would be a disaster if you left a robot running and it lost all your money for you.

It is aimed at helping those who have never used a trading robot before (EA), and covers installation as well as basic usage of robots.

Some of the topics covered in the ebook…

  • installation (including over vps)
  • advantages of a forex robot
  • the secret weapon of robots
  • back testing forex robots
  • optimizing forex robots
  • Maximizing EA performance
  • a list of some effective forex robots
  • Bitcoin trading and benefits
  • A bitcoin robot

Download the free ebook “Make money with forex robots”