Magic Reversal Pattern

Magic Reversal PatternWhat is Magic Reversal Pattern? Imagine if you had a reversal pattern with 80% accurate signals. Sounds good? Now imagine if you had a strategy to combine it with this pattern to make it even more profitable. We have it right here and it’s called – Magic Reversal Pattern. It successfully applies to all the currency pairs.

We advise you to use it at M30 and higher timeframes. The best results are achieved at EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs. This pattern survived the harshest conditions – I successfully use it at stock and the other markets. If you don’t get to reveal the secret of Magic Reversal Pattern – you will keep losing money on daily basis. Download Magic Reversal Pattern.


  1. Liam says

    Ey Dave,

    Thanks for share man!

    It is excellent read you’ve got over there. Just finished reading book and I can say I am more than excited to try this out as soon as I am done with my existing trades!

    I’ve been traveling around quite much this summer and I believe I just found a way to earn back what I spent! Thenks again!

  2. Rick says

    I’m reading it for the second time and I can tell I didn’t come across something of this quality for a while mydemo account showed fairly good resullts at low time frames!Gonna test this live soon and let you know of results but already gotta a hunch this will make some serious change in my trading style

  3. Helmut says

    Your produkt is very informative, pattern is greate, I decide to sell on my demo and profit


    Thanks from Germany

  4. Matt says

    Hello I’m Matthew, thanks for ebook it looks great. I am new to Forex but ebook is easy to understand. I have question for you, I would appreciate it really much if u can respond quickly. Which is the best time frame I should use with magic pattern? Thx!

  5. Dave says

    Hello to everyone, thanks for support. My goal is to provide high-quality and useful information to help Fx newbies.

    Thank you for kind words, please read ebook one more time, or just time frame-chapter. I explain everything in the book. I have just sent you e-mail, if you have more question please contact me via support link from ebook or just use contact page on FMTI.

    Thank you

  6. Marina says

    Very nice pattern guys I am happy I saw it on time I believe I would been quite upset if I had seen this 2 days later hahah Thanks Marina

  7. Hemphill Dwayne says

    I purchased your book yesterday. Having traded after your method for 24 hours now I collected two successfull trades. If there’s someone thinking which frame to trade at – H1 worked the best for me, I made some nice earnings live so far.

  8. Carl says

    Strategy works as promised, thanks guys, can I have a hint if I can join this strategy with a more advanced one, than these 4 found in ebook, and still go profitable yeah?

  9. francis ng wee peng says

    Hi Dave, It is A Great Indicator, But If It Is In Ranging Trend, Is It Still Possible To Apply This Method?

  10. Dave says

    Hi Francis,
    Sure you can, only thing you need to do is set smaller take profits, since price is limited to sideways (high and low are tight). Pattern works fine on all trends. If you have more questions in future, you can send me email with screen shoots (any kind of magic pattern example on live market) I’m here to help you.

    Thank you

  11. Robinson Li says

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve made payments for this indicator yesterday night, and now how can I get it ? Where to download ?
    Please reply asap and send me an email.