IN10TION NewsReader MT4 Indicator

IN10TION NewsReader

IN10TION NewsReader is – as the name says – a news reader. This MT4 indicator is a great asset to day traders in following important news as part of the process of adjusting the strategy in the best possible way.

The exact indicator version is: IN10TION NewsReader v09.99t Lite

Besides the brief news, indicator loads the basic information and statistics about the current price of the currency pair you have picked. This information serves as a great lean-on object to day traders who actively follow the price action.

You will notice that the current screenshot does not sport the news at the bottom, where it is supposed to be. This is related to the day when the screenshot was taken; it was Saturday and there were no news. You can check the example with the visible news at Dark Forex Strategy which uses this indicator. You can also try out this strategy as you might like it.

Technical details:

  • News are updated every 30 minutes
  • Indicator allows DLL imports on your custom indicator/common tab

Download IN10TION NewsReader