Green Fire Strategy


Green Fire Strategy is based on five indicators:

  1. Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed1lime
  2. MA in Color_wAppliedPrice
  3. time to next bar
  4. TrendLord
  5. and Woodie_CCI_Adv.1.0
    There is also template included

When you install all indicators and add template your chart is going to look like chard above.

This strategy will bring great results in trend market. All you need is follow simple rules: detect if market trending or it’s noisy.

How to check is market ready to enter trade

The most important thing is to check charts to be sure that market is ready for trading. We need clean trend on charts, there should be few up and down trends on chart, Movement should be from 30-70 pips, those movements must be clear without noise or huge candles.


The example above is great market condition, if you see this kind of market you can be sure that next movement will be ok to trade.

When you see market condition like this below don’t trade:


After you check charts and see market like this one (image above), there is no chance to make pips with this and tens of other trading systems. All you can do is close charts and wait for better condition. Market is noisy stay away from it.

How to trade Green Fire strategy?

It is pretty easy, before you enter trade you need to check what is going on at market. There are three types of market we want to trade: bullish, bearish and sideway trend.

First example: bearish trend


When you see bearish market you want to enter only sell trades. Enter sell trades after first white appear after green one, for more details check image below.


When you open chart like this one you see strong bearish trend, so you will look only to enter sell trades. I mark entry points for see trades (1, 2 and 3). You will enter sell trades after first white candle appear after green candles.

Very important: Do not enter trade or close trade until candle is close, because sometimes current candle will change colors from white to green. Only when candle is close you will know what is your next step.

Sideway market


Ok when you see sideway market like this one (image above), you can enter any trend reversal. After candle close in different color you can enter trade.

However my advice is to trade only bearish and bullish markets if you are not experienced trader.

That’s all, if you have any kind of question regards this strategy just drop comment below and I will do my best to help you.

Download Green Fire Strategy (indicators and template)


    • Dave says

      I test Green strategy on many time frames and work great. All you need to do is to focus at rules.

      Important: If you use smaller time frames your take profit level will be also smaller, this is another rule that is going to help you to make strategy more profitable. If you use 1H time frame movements are bigger (profit too), if you use M5 your profit target will be smaller.


  1. halo says

    thank you my dear I lost allot with normal stratiges & i will trid with your indicaitur so thanks

    • Dave says

      Welcome! Always test strategy on demo before you try it at live market. Also try to learn from each strategy what works and implement those rules on each future trade.