Fractal Support & Resistance Levels MT4 Indicator

Fractal Support & Resistance Levels MT4 Indicator
No matter which strategy you are using, channels are must check indicator. Most channel based indicators shows the very similar results. This support and resistance indicator is based on fractial indicator and works just fine for me.

The name of indicators: Fractal Support & Resistance Levels, it’s very simple to use MT4 indicator.

This simple indicator calculate support and resistance levels (channels) based on MN1, W1, D1, H4 and H1 fractals.

How to trade with Fractal Support & Resistance Levels

Basicaly there is two ways to trade channels:

1. You trade channels as support and resistance

2. or you can trade breakouts on support and resistance levels

Update: To include arrows from image above you need to add/applay Fractal indicator (this indicator is in metatrader list by default) from your MT4 platform!

Download Fractal Support & Resistance Levels indicator


    • Dave says

      Hi Alex,

      In that case, you are welcome to download “Fractal Support & Resistance Levels” for FREE, using download link above comments.


  1. dan alex says

    i downloaded and instaled “Fractal Support & Resistance Levels” but these indicator only draws horizontal lines, for support and resistance. But in the posted screenshot, there are some arrows above and below the candels. What indicator is that ?

  2. SKC says

    is there any significance for different color. what does each color represent and what is the signification of the dotted line and normal lines there any significance for different color

  3. Augustine Duru says

    Hi I want to download the fractal support and resistant indicator but the system is not allowing me, please help to download it.

    • Dave says


      I just test download link, it works fine. Please try to download indicator using another browser.