Scalping forex using pinbar candlestick pullback strategy


One of the great features of pullback indicators is that they will often appear along side other pullback indicators. This reinforcement by other established strategies and forex indicators further enforces your position making trades easier to execute the more you are familiar with the various pullback setups. Firstly what is a Pinbar candlestick? A pinbar candlestick describes the appearance of the candlestick, basically it looks like a pin. The tail of the candlestick is very long compared to the body of the candlestick. The rule for our strategy is that one of the tails is at least 3 times longer… Continue reading

Green Fire Strategy


Green Fire Strategy is based on five indicators: Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed1lime MA in Color_wAppliedPrice time to next bar TrendLord and Woodie_CCI_Adv.1.0 There is also template included When you install all indicators and… Continue reading

5 Min Strategy Trade


This strategy is optimized for 5 minute trading style. Strategy include follow indicators and template: 1. Fiji Trend_alerts 2. smFisherTransform3 3. Solar Winds joy 4. Template – 5 min strategy… Continue reading

SunChin-Star system


The most important thing which made me a successful trader was learning how to control my emotions and be patient. After that I disciplined myself to stick to my trading… Continue reading

Gann Power System


This strategy works on any major currency pair but I recommend you to trade EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and USD/CHF since they are the most liquid ones. You can use any… Continue reading

Mandrake System

mandrake system

Forex market, like any other market, works in a very simple way. It accumulates in a certain area for awhile, and once the accumulation is over, it advances to a… Continue reading

Horde Forex System

Horde Forex System

If you want to be a successful trader, you should have a good trading system. Next step is learning the system and following it. Anyway, the system I am going… Continue reading