How to buy and test the best forex robots for free.

Is it just me or is it just fun trying out new forex robots and indicators?

This article is a quick guide on how I personally have found the process of acquiring a new forex trading robot or expert advisor that actually has some value.

Best-Forex-RobotNot all of the robots and advisors I keep are solely for trade indicators, some of them are my reinforcing robots. These robots just reinforce the decision that I am making. And of course, some of these robots are absolute garbage.

I really enjoy the process of downloading, installing and testing forex indicators, robots, and Expert Advisors. I think I may have a little bit of “rain man” in me.

Why not free robots?

There are many Free robots out there, but most of them are of little help, and those are the ones that I dislike the most. Here’s why.

  • you take the time to read about the top forex robot, or forex combo system.
  • you take the time to download and install it
  • usually you set up a dummy account to trade on while you try it out
  • Then the big one… before you even have time to test for profit, you quickly realise this forex robot is doing something that is only remotely helpful.

1. Are we going for top performing forex robots?

In short, no… we are going for the best forex robot.
When it comes to automated forex trading, what you should be looking for is a robot that trades multiple currency pairs (some don’t) and more importantly that it claims to NOT make millions. Instead, when you are looking for a top performing forex robot that claims to make a modest profit. You will find that the products that claim modest but consistent trading results are the believable trading systems.

2. Verify the trading results

Simple enough, you use a trial period to verify the claims.

3. All the best forex robot products include screenshots and back testing results

It’s hard to prove that these screenshots are live account results, showing live trading, but when you are testing with your demo account, you can verify the trading results pretty quickly. Pick the most active trading pairs, and it should not take long for your chart to verify the outcome.

4. Not all forex robots are created equal

One of the best things about the large range of robots, is that while one strategy or robot may be good for one style of trading , it may not be for others. So the large diverse amount of robots means that as a group they are suitable for all investors.

5. The big trick to picking the top forex robot

Don’t pay for a forex robot unless it has a money back guarantee. Most will have this, and usually there is not questions asked for up to 60 days. This means you have 60 days to make money, 60 days to get a real profit, and if you don’t make money then get your money back.

To summarize:

  1. Look for a robot with realistic claims.
  2. note down the Robots claims, then the first thing to do is verify it on a demo account
  3. same as 2. are the screenshot setups matching your screen?
  4. what’s your style? Pick a forex robot to match your style of trading
  5. Use the money back guarantee trial period to test the robot on a demo account.

Please be aware of the risks. Robots can lose you money. Even though forex trading has large potential, it can sting you.

Here is an example of a robot to try out, it satisfies all the rules. It has a 60 day money back guarantee, realistic claims, screenshots, and if you are in to trading the trend, then this is for you.

Click to try out a robot for 60 days