AFL Winner


This is oscillator based MT4 indicator, AFL Winner is going to show you exact trend. You can easily use this info to enter and profit. I like to use it in simple way.

When price reach top (100 level) for second time I will sell, if price reach bottom (0 level) for second time I will buy.

Check image below to see what I’m talking about:


As you can see I cover all signals on current chart. You can expect trend reversal each second price peak.

If you like this indicator leave feedback below. If you have questions leave comment too.

Download AFL Winner Indicator


  1. Syed Najib says

    i just made USD100 with this indicator, LOL!

    trade TF5 entry for M15 , just follow the rules.

    • Dave says

      Hello Syed,

      Thanks for positive feedback. We collect and tested a lot of profitable indicators and share it for free. Most of them are really great to make nice profit all you need is stick to simple rules.

      Good pips!

  2. Salv says

    Don’t want to be to harsh on you guys but its just a MA oscilator presented in a nice fassion.

  3. akhil says

    does it work on commodities…..has the 2 extreme values be exactly like 100 and 0 or we can take values as 98 and 2

    • Dave says

      Sure, you can try, the point is catch two peeks and then enter trade. First test indicator on demo if you are confident and profitable you can move on real account.